How Marketing Can Help To Grow Your Brand Online?

Approximately 100 million pictures are uploaded every day. This huge interaction allows you access to an opportunity of increasing your sales. Almost thirty per cent of the Instagram users fall under the age group of 18-24. It is a demo graph with tremendous potential to increase your business, however, the sheer number of users and business accounts makes it very competitive. But a good marketing strategy can help you tap into this particular market. Here are some Instagram marketing tips that will help you in growing your business Kent Marketing Company.

1. Instagram business account.
Instagram gives you two options you can either use for personal purposes or you can use it as a business account, of course, you will create a business account. The Instagram business account is different in the sense, people can contact you directly using the contact button. This means you will have a platform that gives you direct access to your potential customers. You can also hire any agency to get best Instagram Marketing Services.

2. Analytics Tool
Instagram also provides you with analytics tools which help you keep a track of how your profile functions. This tool is called insights and you can know how your content performs among the audience and its reach.

3. Publish directly from Facebook
Facebook and Instagram might be linked but you don’t require Facebook’s advertisement tool to create and publish an ad on Instagram. You can easily create and publish them directly on Instagram.

4. Manage Instagram ads through Facebook
Just because the advertising tool of both Facebook and Instagram are not linked doesn’t mean you can’t use the Facebook advertising experience to target audience on Instagram. You can create, budget and manage all the ads on Instagram using the Facebook advertisement manager.

5. Non-intrusive and engaging ads
The advertisements you see on Instagram are non-intrusive and easily engage the audience. Not just that, you have the creative freedom to use images and videos when you promote your product or service.

6. Influencers are the key to your success
Look for targeted influencers on Instagram who have a large follower base. These influencers have a great number of followers who are very loyal. They tend to trust these influencers choices. You can partner up with these influencers and target your ads to their audience. You can build a long-term marketing strategy with these influencers.

7. Cross promote your brand
Cross promoting your brand on other social media platforms also allows you to increase brand awareness and boost sales. By inviting users from other social media platforms, you can increase exposure to your Instagram handle. You do this by publishing Instagram only video links on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Doing so will drive the audience back to your Instagram profile.

8. Keep a track of your ads
You have to keep track of your Instagram performance in order to improve it. Otherwise how will measure or account for the growth and the brand awareness of your company?

a) You need to keep a track of your follower growth rate, keeping a track of it will allow you to observe the performance of the content you publish for the followers to consume. This is important because it will help you understand the audience and tweak the campaign to cater to those needs and also the frequency of the content required to be published at regular intervals.

b) You also need to measure the engagement of the audience. The number of likes, comments shares is important. This will help in calculating the average percentage of engagement.

9. Strategic use of hashtags
Hashtags are important, this is known universally now. You can use two types of these hashtags either you use brand/ campaign-specific hashtag or content related hashtag. It is important to have unique hashtags that grab the audience’s attention.

10. Keep your content simple
In case you are using a content related hashtag, they have to be simple and content specific so that people looking for your content are able to locate it easily.

11. Create a catchy bio
To create a strong impression, you need to have a strong and catchy bio. You have to explain it in your bio what your company/ brand is and what it does.

12. Create a content strategy.
Once you get through all of the above, you need to focus on content strategy. The kind of content you want to deliver for your audience to consume. It would be a fruitless effort if can’t curate content that is relevant and relatable to your followers. You can publish product-centric content or you can publish content related to your company.

13. Time the content before publishing.
Make sure you create content beforehand. The key to achieving anything in life is consistency and that is applicable here. Being consistent is important to stay relevant on social media platforms like Instagram. Users are bombarded with a lot of content every day; you have to make your content stand out and be retained in the minds of the users.

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